Can't save stack reverser


I have a serie of 300 stacks and i want to modify them in two ways, first I flip them horizontaly, then i reverse the order of the stacks (i use image . stacks . tools . reverse OR image . transform . flip Z OR the plugin stack reverser)
then I save as . image sequence . TIFF

and when i open the saved files, the horizontal flipping is still here but not the stack reversal! :-/

does anyone have an idea why and how to change that please?

Do you mean a single stack of 300 slices, or really 300 stacks with a given number of slices each?

Did you by any chance select Use slice labels as file names when saving your image sequence? In this case the original filenames (from opening the series the first time) are not changed, and even if you reverse the stack order, the files will be read in alphabetical order (i.e. the original, non-reversed order) when opening the saved sequence again.

If the above guess is correct (your description isn’t sufficient to know what you did exactly, and you didn’t provide example data), try deselecting that option when saving, so that new filenames are generated in the same order as the slices in your reversed stack.