Can't open updater - add update sites

When I open the Updater I do not see the dialog that is described in Instead I get the following dialog without a list of files and buttons to choose the Updater mode. Because of the lack of buttons/lists there is no way to add update sites (which is what I need to do).

Windows 10
Java 8
Latest ImageJ available as of 8/29/17 (Fiji distribution)
high resolution monitor (3800 x2160… also tried lower-res settings)

Dear @cashaw,

  1. Does this window close after some time or does it stay open?
  2. When clicking on the ImageJ/Fiji icon in the taskbar, are there other windows than ImageJ and the updater window in your screenshot?
  3. Could you please follow instructions at (i.e. rename the ImageJ-win64.exe in your ImageJ/Fiji installation to debug.exe) and try to update; are there any error messages in the window that’s popping up?


Thanks for your reply, Stefan.

  1. The window stays open.
  2. When clicking the icon to start ImageJ only the main ImageJ window opens. The incomplete updater window described in my previous post only opens during manual update (Help --> Update…)
  3. I will try renaming the executable to ‘debug.exe’ and update.

I meant when clicking the icon in the taskbar at the bottom of the screen (which should show an overview of all the windows of that application).

When I select ImageJ taskbor icon, ONLY the main ImageJ window shows in the fly-out list of windows… even though the “Updating the index of available files:” window is actually open.

In response to #3: Yes, many error messages appear in the window. See linked text file:

This is only debugging information, nothing to worry about.

Can you reach from your browser? If so, is the box “Or, use system proxy settings” activated if you go to Edit > Options > Proxy Settings… in ImageJ?

@cashaw Just to clarify @stelfrich’s line of questioning: that window you are seeing is normal. But it is supposed to be a transient progress indicator, as the Updater checks for updates. The progress bar should fill steadily, and it should disappear after a few seconds, and the main Updater window should appear. The fact that you are seeing it appear and get “stuck” suggests that it is somehow not successful in communicating with the core ImageJ update site at Therefore, the question of whether you can connect to that update site in your web browser is relevant, because it may be an issue with your local network’s configuration (e.g., a firewall rule preventing proper communication).

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Yes, I can reach in my browser (Firefox 54).

@cashaw Sorry for the delay in reply.

Is it possible you never authorized Java to communicate with the Internet? On Windows, the first time you run ImageJ, the Windows firewall will pop up a dialog box confirming that you want to allow Java to communicate on the network. Without allowing this, the ImageJ Updater cannot proceed.

In some cases, I have seen this dialog box appear in the background, so you’ll see it in your task bar, but not popped up over top your ImageJ.

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