Can't open .nd hyperstack or .mp4 video

.nd hyperstack (different timepoints Z stack) is not opening and comes with this message: “NDInfoFile”, Version 2.0
“StartTime1”, 20190814 15:48:44
“DoTimelapse”, FALSE
“NTimePoints”, 1
“DoStage”, FALSE
“DoWave”, TRUE
“NWavelengths”, 1
“WaveName1”, “FLUO_CY3”
“WaveDoZ1”, TRUE
“DoZSeries”, TRUE
“NZSteps”, 57
“ZStepSize”, 0
“WaveInFileName”, TRUE
“NEvents”, 0

Also the .mp4 videos are not uploading due to ‘File is not in a supported format, plugin is not available or it was not found’. I’m sure i need some sort of plug in but only used the Fiji at my work computer and now have no idea what was downloaded on that. I did, however, update and download the Bioformats plugin, i think.

Many thanks if anyone can help.

Both issues on Mac and Windows with most up to date FIji.

Hi @Ny_Quille, are you opening the .nd file using the Bio-Formats Importer?
If you select Window -> Console do you see any other reported error messages?

Hi, I’m not sure what I did but I downloaded loads of plugins and updates and it’s working now! Thank you!