Can't modify text fields



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A running the ‘Java update 2’ on my Macbook (OS 10.5.6), I replaced the Java Frameworks files with the those provided through the CellProfiler website. CellProfiler worked fine after that. However, after running the ‘Java update 3’ (and installing the newest version of CellProfiler), I am again unable to modify text fields. Have the replaced files interfered with the Java update? Some other problem? Should I just replace the Frameworks files again?

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Double check that in your Java preferences (just type Java Preferences in spotlight), the newest Java is at the top of the list under Java applet and application versions: Java SE 6 (64-bit).

We found that to work for us here, let us know if you have problems. FYI for those interested, the main thread about this problem can be found here: Cell profiler not working after Mac OS X Java update



Thanks for the suggestion Kate. I re-ran the java update 2, then java update 3 and things seem to be working now.

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