Can't load partially marked frames


I’m new to both deeplabcut and linux so apologies if I’m missing something obvious. I started the GUI (following the steps in the Using Project Manager GUI video), set up a multi-animal project and began labelling frames from a video I downloaded from Youtube. I saved midway through (after about 10 frames), and can see a csv.backup and h5.backup file in the folder with the 20 frame pngs. However when I reopen the gui and try labelling it simply reloads all 20 frames again with none of the markers I’ve already placed. Am I missing an obvious step?

One thing is that there are only the .backup files in the folder, no simple .csv or .h5 files. Perhaps I should copy them and remove the .backup extensions?

Thanks in advance,


Hmmm… when I copied the .backup file and removed the final extension, I can confirm that it works as expected. Just needed to try it I guess!

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