Can't launch CP-3.0.0 on iMAC (10.12.6)



I am a new user and just installed CP-3.0.0 and JRE 9.0.4 on my iMAC (runs MacOS v10.12.6). Installation was completed without error messages but the software won’t launch (no crash, no error messages). My IT guy took a quick look at it but couldn’t find anything obvious.

Do you know anything about this and is there a solution to it?

Thanks a lot for any feedback!


CellProfiler isn’t compatible with Java 9; we’re hoping to have that fixed in the (hopefully near) future but for now to use CP you’d have to roll back to Java 8. Sorry!


Thanks - I’ll give that a try.


Uninstalled JAVA 9 and installed JAVA 8 and then re-installed CP. Same issue. When I launch CP, the little software icon in the dock bounces a few times but then disappears. No obvious software crash, no error messages.


Can you check some of the suggestions in this thread?