Can't keep pixel anisotropy for a mosaic stitching on BigStitcher

Dear all,

I want to reconstruct a 2-channel 3x3 mosaic z-stack using Big Stitcher. The stitching process works perfectly fine but, for the image fusion, there is no way to keep the pixel anisotropy as it is. According to the doc, this pixel anisotropy option is not available for fusion of multi-angle data, which is not my case as I’ve got only one angle.
I tried different import strategies (automatic vs manual), different file format (original .obf, individual tiff file), single channel vs multichannel as well, but no good results so far.
This option is crucial for me, as I am stitching STED data, and having a Z-step size of 30nm doesn’t make sense !
Does it as something to do with data format ? One file corresponds to a tile position and contains Z-stack for one channel.

Thank you for your help