Can't get plugin to run

I have a couple of .java plugins that i want to run (e.g.
But whenever i go on “Compile and Run” it says:

Plugin or class not found: “Transform_Perspective”
(java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: Transform_Perspective)

I don’t know anything about Java but what i understand is that it’s not compiling the .class file but i do only have the .java file and no idea how to work around this.

Hi @Tobias_B

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This older Forum post should have the answer you need:

You can also check out the how to install plugins manually on the Plugins page of the ImageJ wiki.

Let us know if this solves your issue. :slight_smile:


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Good day Tobias,

I may be wrong but here

I found this

Interactive Perspective - file Transform_Perspective – java jar file

which implies that you have to look for Interactive Perspective which in turn is part of Fiji:
“Plugins >> Transform >> Interactive Perspective”



Tanks for the fast respond Herbie.
But when i look in plugins i don’t see any transform section.
There is only “Image >> Transform” but not with interactive perspective…


are you using Fiji?

If yes, then look under “Plugins >> Transform >> Interactive Perspective”.

At least I find it there but I must admit that I’ve an old version of Fiji 892.0.0-rc-43/1.50e because I don’t use Fiji.



“Transform_Perspective.class” is part of the “mpicbg.jar” that is in the plugins folder of Fiji.

I just found out… :smiley:
I was using plain imagej…trying to compile all the plugins…
If anybody else is as stupid as me: Install Fiji!!!
Thx a lot anyway :slight_smile:

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