Can't find the IJ-Plugins in my plugin folder

Hello All,

I downloaded the whole IJ-plugin to use k-means Clustering. But if I try to find the plugin in my plugin folder, I can’t find anything. There is no IJ-pluging as a own plugin as well as nothing under “Plugins/Segmentation”!
Is there anyone who has an idea what my mistake could be?

Thanks for your help

Hello NeroDB90,

after you download the plugin, you have to find the File where the Code of the Plugin is. It should be a .jar file (or a .class).

Shift this File in your ImageJ Plugin directory (for Example: C:\Program Files\ImageJ\plugins ).
Then restart ImageJ. Now your Plugin should be aviable :slight_smile:

I hope I could help you
Best regards

Hello Stefan,
thanks for your reply.
Im not sure if I understand something wrong, but I guess I already did exactly that.
I dowonloaded the zip-file and unziped the file, after that I copied the “ij-dcraw_.jar” and the “dcraw-Folder” in my Fiji Plugin-Folder.
But after restarting the programm new, there was sill nothing to find :(.

Is it that, what you mentioned or is there still something wrong what I did?

Best Regards

Dear @NeroDB90,

are you by chance running MacOSX? If so, you will have to do the additional step of copying the dcraw binaries for MacOSX to you plugins folder.

Also, you have talked about clustering in your first post. Looking at the description of ij-dcraw it is only a reader for RAW images from cameras which does not do any segmentation at all. Therefore, you should find the plugin in the menu at Input-Output/DCRaw Reader… .