Can't find plugins Open-CSAM or MuscleJ

I read a few papers that describe using imageJ plugins (MuscleJ and Open-CSAM) to analyze muscle fiber cross sectional area. I even found directions on how to download them and use them. The problem is, I cannot find either of these programs anywhere. No link, nothing on ImageJ’s or Fiji’s site about them, and nothing turns up on a google search. Where did the author’s of these papers get these programs???

What about emailing the authors of the papers?

I did. No response yet.

I searched on MuscleJ on GitHub:
Here you can find the macro that is described in the installation instructions (Supp Info from the paper). The paper refers to GitHub somewhere.
I hope you can manage to work with it.

The other one “Open-CSAM”:
In ‘additional file 2’ it states: “Drag the Open-CSAM macro on ImageJ window to open it (Open-CSAM.ijm downloaded from Image J website), or create the macro (copy paste the macro program (in red in Supplemental Figure 1) in the macro-record function of ImageJ).”
Follow the instructions and it should work for you.