Can't find plugins on module list

Hi, and thank you in advance for your help.

I’m very interested in using plugins which are part of the list. I’ve tried in CP4 from both install from source (which I didn’t have any problems with) and the newest stable release (thanks to the CellProfiler team!!), but no matter what I seem to do, I cannot find any of the .py files within the modules, even after confirming the plugin directory is set correctly (under preferences) for both the downloaded version and the build from source version.

Is there an extra step that I’m missing to get the plugin (which are .py) files to even show up in the modules list?

Thank you!

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The plugins aren’t upgraded to CellProfiler 4 yet- we are working on that and will hopefully have it done ASAP. Sorry for the confusion!


Makes sense! Thanks so much for all the great work you’ve been providing for CellProfiler 4! Looking forward to seeing its full capabilities unlocked.

We’ve now moved all CellProfiler 3 plugins to their own folder in the repository, to make more clear that they shouldn’t be used with CellProfiler 4, and added a conversion guide.

To the degree that we have bandwidth and/or that they are used by the main CellProfiler team, we will be upgrading some of the existing CellProfiler3 plugins to CellProfiler 4; ultimately, though, we don’t guarantee maintenance of these, that is the responsibility of the contributing author. If you need a plugin and we haven’t gotten to it yet, we encourage you to upgrade it and then contribute the upgraded version back to the repository! We’re happy to help if you get stuck along the way.

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