Can't Drag/Drop files to Fiji

@Wilson_Adams What about if you run Plugins :arrow_forward: Bio-Formats :arrow_forward: Bio-Formats Plugins Shortcut Window and then drop the TIFF file onto that window? Does that work?

How did you fix it? I am running OS10.11.3 and just updated FIJI to 2.0.0-rc-65/1.51w and I cannot drag and drop my czi files. Prior to this it was working perfectly. I shoudl clarify - it is not that it doesn’r work but it takes about 10 minutes for it to open a flie instead of the less than minute it took before.

I’ve been told it has to do with the macOS Java and how it interacts with ImageJ/Fiji. Updating to macOS 10.13.3 and then updating Fiji is what fixed everything for me.

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Thanks I guess I will try that

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Unfortunately, the way i had to fix it was to do a full reinstall of FIJI. I had to install it into a folder without any admin permissions, and it seemed to do the trick.

Porting over all of the startup preferences is annoying. Starting to think about version control for my own personal version of FIJI to avoid the trouble in the future.

unfortunately this was not solving the problem. Ended up doing a full reinstall to fix the issue. Maybe something to do with admin permission on the install folder? not too sure. but I got it to work again.

Hi, I had this every time updated the software, drag & drop will just freeze, even task shows program is running.
I can’t reinstall it, as I have the mobile without installation

My solution below
After Update:
Close the program
Do not start from the shortcut
Go to the program folder
And create new shortcut

@Garorica Could you please follow these techniques to troubleshoot the freeze?

If you can generate a thread dump of the freeze, it would help us to understand what’s going on, and hopefully fix it.