Cannot type anything




I have a bizarre problem with Cellprofiler on my MacBook running OsX 10.5.5 with all updates installed. I did install the newest version of Cellprofiler, but it didn’t help.
I can click on everything in cellprofiler, but I cannot type anything into cellprofiler. If I for example click into the “Default image folder” field I can see that the field gets the focus, but I can not type anything into it nor can I select the value thats already in there. The same is true for example when I try and save a pipline - It does not recognize me typing in a filename. Also, I can not change anything in modules that requires me typing in a value.
Have you come across this?


Hi, I just realized that this has been discussed here before (Java Update).
Are there any news on this yet?
Also, I guess I should have posted this into the Bugs-forum. Could any of the administrator by any change move this over to the right forum for me?


Hi Robert,

From your post, it looks like you might have come across this thread. But Mathworks has acknowledged the problem and has posted a possible workaround in addition to this. We are checking to see if the proposed solution, in fact, works and will post our findings prominently in the forum if it does.