Cannot save file list as part of a project


I am using a 4.1.3 and when I save files in the “images”. files list when I open the project again the file is not there and the folder path is set to another location (in this case C:\Users\useradmin , which is not my default input or output location). I I used to be able to save files in the list, is there a corrupted CO file I can try to delete? There is no error in the CP terminal.



That’s definitely unusual! Does it happen with all project files or only some? If only some, does it seem to be correlated with the location of your image files and/or the project file itself on disk? Wondering if maybe a space or a special character is causing a bug to arise.

Hi @guyreeves

If I understand correctly, this may effect the file list display in the Images module rather than the file list itself. Would you be able to try entering test mode and seeing if the image sets can still be accessed correctly?

Yeah I have never had this problem, all the files in question will run without error but will not save. I have checked the path no odd characters or spaces, also in the file names.
If I put the files on the desktop they will save. I am a bit lost.

also in test mode in the original location files do not appear and the Patch shown for the folder is truncated at C:\Users\useradmin.
The odd thing is that I have an .xml file used in “UntangeWorms” that is not position sensitive.
I am using windows 10 Enterprise (as an administrator) .

Should i reinstall the program ?

It’s definitely a bug with the program, not your installation. Would you be able to upload the project file so we can try to replicate this?

So to confirm - you can’t enter test mode at all?

I can enter the test mode. In fact everything works on the run, but if I save the project when I open it again the files in the list are all gone and only one path truncated is is shown with no files in that folder.
I do have one .tiff file that is required on all runs, which is why I always kept it in the list

Thanks. What I mean is that, when you load the file and the files appear to be missing, can you still enter Test Mode and run as expected?

yes I both run in test test mode and “analyze images” does work. So I guess it is a visualisation issue.

Odd that desktop does not have the issue maybe it is just for longer paths ? (though mine is not unusually long)

Thanks @guyreeves, we’ve found the error and this will be fixed in the next version of CellProfiler.

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