Cannot open .tiff Files with ImageJ with ubuntu Linux Mint

I cannot open .tiff files with ImageJ in ubuntu Linux Mint.
Can anyone help me?
kind regards

Hello Molzeb,

can you provide more information?
Which Version of ImageJ do you use?
Do you get any error messages? Open the Console under “Windows” > “Console” after trying to open the file.
Can you also provide us the tiff-file you cannot open?


You could install the Bioformats plugin which opens different types of *.tiff files, see:

Hallo Tom
Thks for you help. I use the lates update ImageJ for Ubuntu Linux Mint.
I have to do an assignement for the university. The .tiff images are in a separate folder.
Maybe it is a problem of the folder. Could it be helpful to copy the files directly into the image folder of fiji.
Maybe it is a problem of the folder?
Kind regards

Hi Molzeb,

the placement of the folder should not be a problem. You can open images in Fiji from any place you want. Did you check the console like I asked you to do? If that contains no error at all, we have to look further into it. One of the tiff files would also greatly help to check what happens here. In addition, you can of course check out the Bioformats plugin linked above, which might also solve your problem.

Dear Tom
I have installed the Windows Version of Fiji.Together with the Bioformats plugin
(thks bio7). And it works!
Thank you all Tom and bio7

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