Cannot open Tiff Files with Fiji


When opening attached image with ImageJ we get an error:

Unexpected image offset

However, opening it with the Bio-Formats Importer plugin works fine.

Cell_Cycle_00011082.tiff (473.1 KB)

Any ideas? @ctrueden

@Christian_Tischer ImageJ 1.x does not support TIFF files with out-of-order planes/IFDs. See

Workarounds include using Bio-Formats as you found, or going to Edit › Options › ImageJ2… and checking the “Use SCIFIO when opening files” option. See also

Unfortunately, there is no perfect option for TIFF. Either you get fast performance at the expense of correctness, or slow-but-correct behavior. Improving this is one of the most commonly requested things, but unfortunately there are no resources yet (at LOCI or MPI-CBG) to do it. Next year, hopefully. In the meantime, other groups are more than welcome to work on it.