Cannot open sample image in Fiji (Blobs)?

Does anyone else have issues with simply opening ‘Blobs’ in Fiji (ImageJ 1.53i)?

When l use File > Open Samples > Blobs I get the following (result is the same when I ‘View stack with:’ Hyperstack or Standard ImageJ) :

When I drag and drop:

Though the blobs.gif image is present at as we would expect.
I am not actually sure why the Bio-Formats Importer is used to open the sample image?
I tried to check / uncheck the SCIFIO option in Edit > Options > ImageJ2. This had no impact.

When I use in a macro as follows:

run("Blobs (25K)");

or via

run("Blobs", " color_mode=Default group_files quiet display_metadata rois_import=[ROI manager] view=Hyperstack stack_order=XYCZT");

I get the following results (changing view=Hyperstack into view=view=[Standard ImageJ] does not change the result):

I am probably missing something obvious :thinking:

Can confirm that Blobs works fine on my rather normal up to date 1.53i.

Have you tried downloading a second copy of FIJI and adding no plugins, or testing your issue on a second computer.

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A new Fiji and a ImageJ version on the same computer work fine. Strangeness :thinking: I don’t specifically recall installing a new plugin.

I now removed downloaded sample images, these were in and placed these elsewhere. Fiji now happily opens Blobs.gif and other sample images from the online resource.

Looking closer at the images (placed outside the folder): some of these images are ‘broken’ - also other software packages cannot open these.
Re-downloaded them: all is well now, also when placed in Apparently the downloaded sample images can become ‘broken’, good to know.

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