Cannot Open .czi z-stacks, Win10

Hello all,
Fiji was working fine until one day it opened a small box with some sort of wingding script instead of my .czi from a Zeiss. If I delete all the files for FIJI and re download it and extract, it can open and function exactly ONCE. If it closes for any reason, upon reopening, it returns to opening the wingding window instead. I cannot think what changed when this started, it does not matter if the files are coming from an external drive or shared server over a secured VPN. File sizes and type have not changed.

Thank you for any advice!

I may have just figured out I had a detached shortcut… Will test more; probably resolved… X)

Hi @Erica_B and welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

It’s great when there is an easy fix, let us know if you figured it out so we can mark this issue resolved.

Yes, great and only slightly embarrassing! Please mark as resolved. :slight_smile:

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