Cannot open CellProfiler 3.1.8

Deal all,

I have met this problems in different computers. I am sure that the latest version of Java has been installed and the environment variable has been set as described (CellProfiler 3.1.8 won't open after installation).


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check the security on the folder where CellProfiler is installed, also is Cellprofiler installed on the main drive?

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thanks for the reply.
I have authorized full permission to the accounts and CP is installed on the main drive. Failed again.

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i think that you did not install java first i had the same problem i downloaded CellProfiler without any prior knowledge and so, as a result i faced many dilemmas like the one you write. i saw on a tutorial on youtube that you must download java first
Java SE Runtime Environment 8U 152
then choose from the list
download X64 offline
and this is coated from profiler worhshop 2017
Gopal Karemore, Ph. D
Novo Nordisk Center for protein Research andDanish Stem Cell Center
it was a little helpful, but you will get more information from the publications of ANNE E. Carpenter
i am in read of her valuable publications right now
so, good luck foryou and me too
hopfully, i helps you
Wafaa H. Abd El-Ghaffar