Cannot launch Fiji on Windows 10


I have similar problem with windows 10. I am not able to install Image j or Figi. I gert this pop up error message.

! Cannot execute “C:\Users\HP\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.055\\ImageJ-win64.exe”
Kindly help to trouble shoot.

Thanks in advance

@priya_g Sorry for the delay in reply! It is best to start a new topic if your issue is not exactly the same as an existing topic. I have split your post to its own topic now, to keep things organized.

I am guessing the issue you describe is caused by attempting to launch Fiji from inside a temporary folder. When you download and double-click a ZIP file, and double-click that ZIP file, it opens a “synthetic” folder that has not actually unpacked all the contents. If you try to launch an EXE from such a folder, things often go wrong.

Try right-clicking the ZIP and extracting it to a folder on your Desktop. Then open that extracted folder, and run from there.

Thank you, I did the same and using figi on my pc

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