Cannot Launch Fiji on Windows 10(64-bit)

I download Fiji-win64 from, and new JAVA 8 was correctly installed on my computer. However, when I launch ImageJ-win64, the blue logo of Fiji appears, lasts for about 1 second and then disappears without other things’ happening. I have re-downloaded it several times but the problem still exists.

ImageJ was installed on my computer and it works well now.

Does anyone have an idea how to solve my problem?

Thanks ahead!

I solve this problem by extracting the file to my Desktop! : p


It might help if you expand, in great detail, the exact steps that got you to “Installed on my computer”. Specifically, are you running it from within the file you downloaded? As @Zihan implied, the file is compressed, you should extract all the files and then run the program, if you haven’t already done so already. The version I downloaded (not too long ago) has no installer…

I have the same problem with you, and I also tried to extract the file on the desktop, but it still cannot work ,I don’t know why, hope to get help! Thank you very much!

Alas I have the same problem. I extracted the package to the desktop, but nothing happens when I try to open. It’s frustrating, as it works on my Windows 7 machine and sort of works on my Mac.

Scratch that - I reinstalled, extracting to the desktop. From there it worked.

It is possable that there are some non-english characters in the path of Fiji.exe. You try to place it in a full english path.