Cannot download old pipelines

FYI: It is still not possible to download pipeline attachments from the old forum here on our new forum. Basically this means that on older (~pre-Dec 2015) posts/threads *.cp, *.cppipe, *.cpproj files that are attached usually will not download (the download may appear to work, but display blank depending on your browser). Yes, annoying. But we are working on it. Migration to this new Discourse Forum has had most of the bugs worked out except for this one. Attachments since the transition should behave properly. If you are really desperate, we may be able to manually retrieve these from the old phpbb forum in the meantime, but we can’t promise.

Thanks for your patience!


I am currently working on a muscle fiber project and am trying to access pipelines from


Is it possible for you to send me these files?


Is there any way to get the Cell/particle counting, and scoring the percentage of stained objects pipeline? I’m in dire need of it - my thesis is due at the end of the month and this seems to be the fastest way to get the most accurate results. Please - I need it for counting cFos stained nuclei in brain regions.

Hi @ChloeB,
The links here are now working again. Let us know how it goes!

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@Robert_Warren I happen to have myotube_goodnuc_DL.cppipe (15.1 KB) on my machine here. I reattached it and this link should work.

@mbray: Do you happen to have a copy of the your pipeline here? Count muscle fibers stained with HE