Cannot create csv file after anlaysis

I finished training the network in DLC2.2, evaluated it, and tried to analyze a video to test the results, however, I wasn’t able to get a csv file after entering the following command:

In [3]: deeplabcut.analyze_videos(config_path,[r"C:\Users\yonii\Desktop\test\20200712\112802_640x480.mp4"],save_as_csv=True,gputouse=0,videotype=’.mp4’)

Is there anything I could do to fix this? I was able to get the csv files with DLC2.0 before, but now with version 2.2, I haven’t been able to do so.

That’s the expected behavior with DLC2.2. You’ll only get a *_full.pickle file until detections are assembled into individuals (with convert_detections2tracklets) and tracklets are stitched together (refine_tracklets or convert_raw_tracks_to_h5), after which you get the h5/csv data file. That part of the docs should be super helpful refine-tracklets-in-madeeplabcut :slight_smile:

Thanks. I got the h5 file but still can’t get a csv from that. Is there anyway I can either convert h5 to csv to somehow open it to view all the numbers?

Sure! analyze_videos_converth5_to_csv() should help you convert all h5 files associated with a video.

I tried using that command but I kept getting errors (see image); did I type something wrong?