Cannot compile Directionality plugin

Hi All (and @tinevez)

I have a question about installing the Directionality plugin. I downloaded the file on Github and followed the usual procedures to install it but unfortunately the java script would not compile to a .jar or .class. I have tried Compile and Run to no effect. The .java file is in my plugins folder and appears on the Plugins menu but only as a java script.

I am very new to this to any help would be greatly appreciated!

Best wishes,

The Directionality plugin comes bundled with #fiji, and the recommended way to use it is via Fiji.

Installing it into an ImageJ 1.x installation would require to also install its jfreechart dependency, but I really recommend just trying in a Fiji installation, where you’ll find it in its menu path Analyze › Directionality or via the search bar. No need to install any plugin manually.