Can you spare 5 minutes for the CellProfiler team and submit an image of nuclei?


The Carpenter lab is working on new features for biological image analysis. We want to make it easier to identify nuclei of many kinds of organisms across many different microscopy modalities, with no tweaking. To do this, we need to collect as many diverse images of nuclei as we can, and we’re looking for your help!

If you have any images where nuclei are stained or otherwise identifiable (e.g. a cytoplasm stain that leaves a hole for each nucleus), we’d love if you’d share one or two with us at the Google Form linked here. We are not looking for the prettiest images of cells only- we encourage the contribution of challenging images that contain nuclei in crowded environments such as tissues or dense monolayers, cells with micronuclei, or images with staining or focus issues. If your image has multiple channels, you can submit all of them together.

We’d prefer images not publicly available elsewhere on the internet (including this forum), and while we’ll give you credit where possible we’ll need your permission to release that image as public domain with no rights reserved in the future (see here for more information).

We can only tackle this project with your help, so please contribute if you can!


This submission is now closed- thanks everyone for the images!