Can you interleave differentially?

Is it possible to interleave so that I can pick the order?

I currently have 9 focal stacks, each with 101 frames. I want to interleave so that it takes the first picture in order from all 9 focal planes, then the seconds, etc.

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not perfectly sure what you like to see in the end: A single stack?

You may have a look at the Imagej-plugin ‚ÄúStack_Interleaver‚ÄĚ.



Yes! I have 9 stacks, each with 101 pictures in each.

I want to arrange all 9 stacks sequentially so that I get one stack in the end.

‚ÄúStack_Interleaver‚ÄĚ is for two stacks only ‚Ķ

Consequently ,I fear you need to code a macro to do what you want.

Perhaps someone has a better ides though …



Thats what I feared.

Thank you!

Please see my reply on the other topic you opened:

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