Can this software measure the cell diameter



I have to pose another question!
Can this software measure the cell diameter across the field of vision!
thank you !


I haven’t found a method to have cell profiler directly output the cell diameter, but it can be calculated from the area of the cell.
I used MeasureAreaShape to get the area of my cells (in pixels) and exported the data in Excel. Then, I used the following formula to calculate the diameter in pixels:
Then you can convert this value to micrometers.
I’ve compared the results obtained by this method to the ones obtained when measuring the diameter in IDL and the correspondence was very good (identical up to the third decimal).



If your cells are fairly smooth (i.e., elliptical), then you can use MajorAxisLength from the MeasureObjectAreaShape module. That’s only an approximation to the actual diameter, though, based on the distribution of pixels in the cell.

Also note that MajorAxisLength is the longest axis, so you may want to consider the MinorAxisLength or even the average of them. You could also use the perimeter or area (as noted above).