Can SR-Tesseler join as community partner

Dear @team

SR-Tesseler would like to join the forum as community partner. We are an open source software platform developed in C++ and aimed at the quantification of single-molecule localization microscopy data by using Voronoi diagrams.

I have added a link to the forum as our primary channel of communication to our I set the link as

I will be the SR-Tesseler representation on the Community Forum Team.

Here is our logo:

logo_tesseler.tif (166.8 KB)

Florian Levet



I’ve added SR-Tesseler as a CP! :slight_smile: I have also added you as a @team member. :slight_smile:

If you want to double-check the quick write up that pops up on the sidebar when your icon is clicked - you can edit this post:

I just took this from your github page.


Hi @flevet,
It is super exciting to see that SR-Tesseler was added to the forum.
Are you planning to extend your software platform into the 3rd dimension as well at a certain time?
Best wishes,

Hi @UlrikeBoehm,
Yes, I’m in the process of doing it. In fact, I have finished the 3D Voronoi generation and it is working quite well. I’m planning to release it this year, after a huge code cleaning. Unfortunately, I don’t have a date yet as I’m already late on providing the SpineJ source code…


Hi @flevet,
That sounds great. I would love to test it on iPALM data :slight_smile:
Just let me know if you need some more test data.
Best regards,

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