Can not show the number of colonies in ExportToExcel



I add ExportToExcel module behind MeasureObjectIntensity in my modified yeast counting pipeline.
I want to get the colonies number in Excel File. But it didn’t show yet.

The attaced are an example image and my pipeline.

yeastcounting1128PIPE.mat (1.6 KB)


From the attached image, the total number can not be showed.


Sorry, I forget giving you another infomation.
In 5811 version, the colonies number can not be showed.
But in 5122 version, it can show serial number.



You are correct; a column showing the object number has been removed from the later versions of CellProfiler.

However, if you want them back, a workaround is to Relate the to themselves (i.e., Colonies as both the parent and the child object). This will add an extra column at the end with the header Parent_Colonies which will have the colony number listed. Remember to add the Relate module after any measurement modules you may have.

Hope this helps!