Can napari join as a community partner

Dear @team

napari would like to join the forum as a community partner. We’re an open source image visualization tool for Python targeted at scientific users.

We’re still relatively early stage, but we’re about to make a new release 0.2.0 and we’re excited to share what we have with the community.

We’re adding a link to the forum in a PR to our that we’ll merge with the new release. I set the link as

I’m happy to be the napari representative on the Community Forum Team.

Here is our logo:

Nick Sofroniew, @royerloic, @jni


@sofroniewn Fantastic. :smile: I added Napari to the navigation, and added you to the @team as well.


Thanks so much!! Do you mind listing us as napari all lower case

got it. should be all set!

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