Can Micro-Manager control Andor's Dragonfly

Is Micro-Manager able to control Andor’s Dragonfly? I cannot find any information regarding it, so I would lean towards no. But, going to Andor’s Diskovery wiki article

and clicking on the external link at the botttom, it takes to Dragonfly’s webpage. Is this an error, or does it mean that the Diskovery adapter also controls the Dragonfly module?

Thanks for the help.

Hi there, We have a dragonfly at CZ Biohub running on micro-manager-2 gamma. We paid for the device adapter in 2017 and there may be other users. It would make sense for Andor to enable use of dragonfly on micro-manager alongside Fusion. It is great that @mark_browne is on the list. He should have the latest on this.


Thanks for your reply. It is not clear to me, what do you mean by

Whom did you buy the device adapter from? Andor?

We purchased the device adapter with the Dragonfly from Andor.

Thanks, I will inquire Andor about it, then.

A couple more of questions: did you say tat Micro-Manager and Fusion cannot be installed at the same time in the microscope’s computer? Also, how is your experience using the Dragonfly with Micro-Manager? Does it work fine?