Can Local Thickness in Fiji analyze 2D image?

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to use Fiji to analyse the width and fluorescence intensity of the nuclear envelope. I’m totally new to Fiji, don’t know how to get the final results from Fiji. I hope someone can help me.

Here is what I tried.
LaminB1.bmp (3.0 MB)

  1. Set Image>type>8-bit
  2. Image>adjust>threshold, set a proper value and apply
  3. Edit>Selection>creat mask
  4. Analyze>Local Thickness>Local Thickness (complete process)
    Then I got the result

The questions listed beblow:

  1. The final result doesn’t have the legend to show the color scale, how to get the legend showing out?
  2. I want to know whether I can get the numerical value of width of the nuclear envelop so that I can plot histogram to compare it with other treatment groups?
  3. Can I get the fluorescence intensity of the nuclear envelope?
  4. Can the Local Thickness to analyze 2D image or not? If not, does anyone know which tool is the best to solve my problem?



I got the answer.

1. Analyze>tools>Calibration bar
2. Analyze>histogram to  get the data.


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