Can ImageJ1 plugins be called from pyImageJ when installed on Imagej2 FIJI?


I am able to execute the plugins from ImageJ itself, but totally fail when I try to do so from pyImageJ both by trying to do so using"run("…ImageJ1 plugin…");")

and directly by called it from"…ImageJ1 plugin…", None)

any ideas?


I’m not able to do it by run_plugin but with macro I was able to do it

args = {}
macro = f"""
run("Iterative Deconvolve 3D", "image={imageName} point={imageName} output=Deconvolved show perform wiener=0.000 low=1 z_direction=0.3 maximum={number} terminate=0.010")
saveAs("Tiff", "{imageName.stem}_Deconvolved{number}.tif");
    """, args)

Here a code example with a mix of python and macro

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@liort did @Aymeric’s solution work for you?