Can image series be written out of order?

I have an image that has been annotated. I would like to store both as a separate series in a singular tiled OMETiff file. If I write one and then the other, it works fine. However, if I tried to write the first tile from each and then the second from each while setting the writer.setseries() to 0 and 1 respectively, it fails. Is this flipping back and forth allowed?

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I must admit its not a scenario that I had tested but I can see how it might be useful to alternate tiles across series. Having done some testing on it this morning it certainly isn’t going to work in the short term Im afraid and the 2 series will need to be written separately.

I’ve opened a GitHub Issue to see if this is something which can be corrected in the future or at very least better documented:

Thanks! Conceptually, doing it made sense, but it failed in all of my coding attempts.