Can I use both the weigh of Full Macaque Zoo and macaque pictures that I labeled together?

I want to use DeepLabCut to recognize the monkey’s body movements.

Firstly, I downloaded the Full_Macaque weight from the DeepLabCut Model Zoo, and then use this weight to recognize the macaque video that I took. However, the recognition result of my macaque’s body movement video is not that good.

Secondly, I took a macaque video by myself. Then, I used the DeepLabCut GUI to create a new project, and labeled 70 pictures of the macaque’s body joint points (The position and order of the points that I labeled are consistent with the Full_Macaque Model Zoo provided). I want to train a new weight.

How to merge the weight I labeled and the Full_Macaque weight from the DeepLabCut Model Zoo I download?

Answered question in the github issue: How can I merge these two weights together? (the weight of Full_Macaque Model Zoo and the video I labeled) · Issue #1122 · DeepLabCut/DeepLabCut · GitHub