Can I get an Experimenter creation date?

Hello OME friends,

Quick question - we want to start capturing metrics for our OMERO deployment and hopefully reach back to when it was first stood up. One thing we want to look at is number of users over time. Is it possible to construct a query to get the date at which a user was added to OMERO? I was playing around with both HQL and objects returned by the Python API and didn’t seem to get anywhere. I feel like there should be an Event that has this information – is this the case? If so, what would be the right HQL query?

Hi Dave,
yes, there’s the EventLog. The HQL query would be something like this:
select e.event.time from EventLog e where e.action = 'INSERT' and e.entityType = 'ome.model.meta.Experimenter' and e.entityId = <ExperimenterID> (credits to @joshmoore ).