Can i external trigger cascade:128+camera with micromanager 1.4?

I want to control Cascade:128+ camera with micro manager 1.4version to take a picture using an external trigger signal.
So the camera will take picture along to the trigger signal.
Is it possibel? If so, what should i do?

Welcome to this form @Sungi !

First, you will need to set your camera in external trigger mode. There should be a property listed under Device > Device/Property Browser. Then, press the “Snap” button, and provide the external trigger. There are a couple of time outs that you may need to extend, most likely Core-TimeoutMs (bottom of the device property browser). You can also collect a series of images by using the MDA. Set the number of images you want, and 0 ms interval, start, then provide your triggers. You may want to set these properties all on startup, the Micro-Manager website (Micro-Manager Configuration Guide - Micro-Manager) shows how to configure your system.

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Thank you for your answers
I’m sorry I can’t found “Snap” button I can only this image.

where is the snap button?
and i try another “snap button”, that program has error
what should I do?

The Snap button is in the top left of the main window, and in each Snap/Live window. It looks like you found it. I do not know what “timed” Trigger mode is, but try other trigger modes. If “Snap” does not work even in “standard” trigger modes, then this is unlikely to work. You could ask TeleDyne/Photometrics for advice.