Can I colour certain populations of cells in co-cultures?

Hi all,

I am looking to do something like this:

but I only have BF images. So let’s say I culture small, round suspension cells with large flat fibroblasts. I want to be able to just colour the suspension cells clustered together over the fibroblasts. Can I do that?

Thanks you

This should totally be doable, although bright fields are difficult, hopefully there is some phase contrast.

Where you want to start

  1. Use the identifyPrimaryObjects module for the fibroblasts
  2. filterObjects ,module, to only select cells matching the shape you want.
  3. IdentifyPromaryobjects for the round cells.
  4. filter again.
  5. for each new object
  6. convertobjectstoimage
  7. graytocolor for both images ontop of the brightfeild.

Where you will struggle the most is in the identifyprimaryobjects, so you need to do something fancy to the image before inputting it into this module. One thing i’ve experimented with is, you can actually identify object fairly well if the image is out of focus, since this creates more contrast.