Can DeepLabcut track/identify an object?

Hello all,

I am doing mouse behavior experiment and want to quantify the frequence (time and number) of approaching to a peri dish (as shown in red circle). I was wondering if Deeplabcut can automatically identify this peri dish? If yes, how do to that?

Appreciate for any feedback or suggestion!

Currently you could label points around the object, say 6 points to create a circle of the dish (and corners of the box, etc, any object you want). You can add new labels to a network by adding them in the config.yaml file, then when you load the frames with deeplabcut.label_frames it will ask you if you want to see all points, or just add the new labels.

How can I add new labels in the config.yaml file? Is it same as adding new body parts?

yes, just add new lines into the bodyparts section, as normal.

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Thanks so much!! Just one more further question. If I add these point in config.yaml file, can DLC also track the movement of petri dish, because mice may move this petri dish sometimes?

Thanks again!

yep, that is correct :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!! :grinning:

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