Can DeepLabCut create a trail of where the animal was in the video

Is there an option in DeepLabCut where the animal leaves behind a colored trail to track where it has been? I have never seen this advertised as a function of DeepLabCut before and I am more used to having skeletons and dots to track body parts.

Is it possible to create an animal trail using DeepLabCut, and if so what would be the code or commands to insert it into the video?

When calling deeplabcut.create_labeled_video(config_path, [‘fullpath/afolderofvideos’], videotype=’.mp4’, trailpoints=10) you can set the trailpoints to a value that suits you - this will plot dots for number of frames where labels were before current frame for each bodypart. If you want to do it differently like have a line or labels from only one bodypart you would have to customize the code.