Can CP be imported as a package in Python?

I was wondering if CellProfiler can be imported as a package in Python? If so, can anyone point me to the documentation of such API?

Just saw that there will soon be CellProfiler 4. Is CellProfiler meant to be only used as a standalone software or could it be imported into Python scripts as packages?

not easily as far as I am aware. Here’s an earlier post from the cp group that addresses that question: CellProfiler 4.0.0 timeline and roadmap

Yep. You can import CellProfiler modules today. I wrote a small article on the GitHub wiki with an example:

CellProfiler 4, will however, make this easier. In addition to stabilizing and documenting the API we’ll also make CellProfiler available on PyPI.


Great! Thanks for the info. And looking forward to using the API in the near future!