Can cellprofiler do this?

Dear Users
Question from a Newbie, who would like to find out whether CellProfiler is the right tool to solve a particular problem. I appreciate that nobody will have done exactly this type of exp, but it would be good to know whether you thought CellProfiler might be able do the job, at least in principle, before investing time.
Here comes the problem: We are interested in bacteria infecting mammalian cells and we would like to analyse the colocalization of bacteria with up to two cellular proteins. The output needs to be on a per cell basis, i.e. number of bacteria per cell and how many of those bacteria are positive for protein1, protein2 or double positive; output again as the number of marker-positive bacteria per cell.
Looking forward to hear your thoughts.

Hi Flx,

You may want to look at this post; the user there was performing an assay that sounds similar to what you are trying to do.