Can bsd project import gpl package?

I want to add a strackreg plugin to ImagePy, It seems that pystrackreg is under GPL, Can ImagePy import a GPL package? Does it make ImagePy under GPL?

As far as my research goes, if you use GPL code you need to change your project to GPL, it can’t stay as MIT/BSD unfortunately.
There is a running topic on the subject: Opinions on Code Licencing

so scikit-image use pyqt5 as viewer, need scikit-image change into gpl?@jni

I am not a lawyer and am generally confused by these things. It seems much of the Scientific Python stack uses PyQt in one form or another, but apparently, as long as the use is optional, it’s seen as “fine”:

Matplotlib has been in this situation for a long time with no adverse effects, so I’m inclined to think this is the case.

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