Can APEER become a partner website on



Personally, I do not condone mixing open source with proprietary software what ever the reasoning. There are many forums for image analysis so as to not interfere with open source.


Does it matter that the executed code inside a docker container running on kubernetes is as open as it can be? Or is the “crux” that the workflow engine orchestrating the execution of the containers is using microservices, which are not open.

Why is running a module inside a docker container using python code or a Fiji script not open.source vs. running the same code or scripts without a docker infrastructure considered open-source? Might be a bit of a philosophical question, but worth discussing.


In my view, that is the issue. We are striving for open-source reproducibility. Is it now possible to download and run an open-source APEER engine that can execute workflows locally? If so, could you share a download link? I would love to give it a try!


Not yet. But obviously one can easily test the docker container, which is just the module without locally. That is the way it test before I actually submit a module.

So you ask for a bottom to download the module’s source code?

A local APEER workflow engine would still run the same microservices as the cloud-based version.

Maybe we dicuss this over a beer at ImageJ and friends (assuming you will be there)?


Sounds like a plan, @sebi06! Looking forward to it.