Cameras compatible for Camera control

I’m interested to use “Camera control” to record video from multiple USB3 synchronized cameras.
I was wondering if all kind of USB3 camera is supported? I’ve read that you recommand a monochrome camera, whereas we’d like RGB at approx resolution of 200Hz.
Here are some of the camera that are interesting for us:

Thanks for your answer and thanks again for DeepLabCut!



This sounds like a better question for

You might want to take a look at

Hi @menor, thanks for the interest! Camera Control right now is just written for Imaging Source cameras,

but it is compatible with any of their USB cameras, hope that helps!

I had a question about camera control, can it be changed to record in color? Thanks

Never mind, found the solution. Worked for me if you change line 24 in, comes as:

def init(self, cam_num=0, rotate=None, crop=None, exposure=None, format=‘Y800 (720x540)’)

but if changed to: format='RGB64 (720x540)

then works in color.

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Good to know, thanks!

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