Camera images look weird after saving


I am using Fiji and after saving images or z-stacks (as ome.tif) they look different than the live view. I haven’t found anything to adjust that turns them back to normal (not contrast/brightness, inversion,…).

This started happening a few weeks ago.

Does anyone have an idea what could be going wrong here?

Here is a snapshot of the live view (left) and the saved image (right):


Hey @Hoehn,

this looks like a big-endian/little-endian problem. With which plugin or software do you acquire the images?

Could you maybe try switching the image to 32-bit (Menu Image>Type) and back to 16-bit, before saving? Does that help?


Hi Robert,

Thanks a lot for that hint. I am using the OpenSPIM acquisition plugin. It is plugged into MicroManager which is plugged into Fiji. I have also asked the OpenSPIM community and am waiting for an answer.
I am using the software to do automated time lapse recordings. So I have to define the output directory before running the software and cannot change the image to 32-bit before saving it. The problem does however not appear if I just take a single image or stack without autosaving it. Thanks a lot anyway.

Best wishes, Stephanie

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Hard to tell if you don’t post the original images. Can you post an auto-saved image and an image of the same object that is not autosaved but saved manually?

Performing a measurement on- and inspecting the lut of either image might give you a clue (min-max, light/dark)