Calling images in CPA classifier when a second transformed image (flipped) needs to be used to classify the object

I have run into an issue when trying to use CPA classifier with an image that has been transformed using the flip and rotate module in CP. I have saved the file to the same folder using saveimages module and told CP to save the path info to the file so CPA can find it. When I try to fetch example images with classifier none of the images load and double clicking to load the image in viewer gives the following error.

An error occurred in the program:
TypeError: integer argument expected, got float

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “imagetile.pyc”, line 118, in OnDClick
File “imagetools.pyc”, line 61, in ShowImage
File “imagetools.pyc”, line 52, in FetchImage
File “imagereader.pyc”, line 29, in ReadImages
File “imagereader.pyc”, line 100, in read_images_via_cp
File “imagetools.pyc”, line 249, in rescale
File “scipy\misc\pilutil.pyc”, line 386, in imresize
File “PIL\Image.pyc”, line 1304, in resize

I have attached my CP project file and the DB properties file.
Imaging station pipeline.cpproj (502.3 KB) (6.4 KB)

The same project minus the second (saveimages) image works fine with CPA. The XY coordinates for the identified objects are incorrect but I get an image.

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We were having trouble with attachments, so your attachments didn’t upload. The uploading issue should have been fixed now. Please try it again, thanks.

I have re-uploaded the files.