Calling 3D viewer from a macro




I have a problem calling 3D viewer from a macro.
I’m using the recorded (IJ macro) commands for displaying a 3D stack but nothing happens when I run them from a macro

run("3D Viewer");
call("ij3d.ImageJ3DViewer.setCoordinateSystem", "false");
call("ij3d.ImageJ3DViewer.add", "UrchinComposite-1.tif", "None", "UrchinComposite-1.tif", "0", "true", "false", "false", "1", "0");

I’m using the latest Fiji version (Java 8).
Switching to life-line Fiji is not an option as I need some plugins that use Java 8

I’d appreciate any advise


I could successfully run your code on my latest Fiji version (Java 8). It throws exception only when the image it is trying to add is not open.

Hope it helps



Tried again and it is working now