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Hi All,
Our panel at this year’s NEUBIAS2020 evolved into website - Call4Help. It’s a go-to place when you’re in need of help with bioimage processing and analysis.

You share your case, community shares solutions.

All the discussions on submitted cases will be held here (tagged #call4help).

So check out our website, watch presentations and share your tips.

Software-independent discussion of bio-image analysis solutions

Dear all,

I am sorry that at the beginning we spammed the forum with 8 problems. Later it will be more gradual and we hope to be much more interactive. We are still discussing with Curtis a way to proceed, but I am strong believer that prototyping and trying is a necessary step :wink:

Feel free to visit, share between your folks:

Please feel free to share your ideas about the page and the service in general. It is a prototype, I guess if the idea will be successful in a year of time it will look different. We want to get feedback and do something useful to connect communities: bioimage devs, bioimage analysts and natural scientists.

Feel free to comment and throw your ideas in this thread! Thank you!

Szymon Stoma.



Here in this thread, including everyone, of course.

My first impression is: the threads you started here so far will not get many/any responses from the sub-community of this forum, because they are merely external links without any easy-to-read description of the problem. It would help if whoever is posting these new threads takes the time to transform them into forum-friendly discussions, rather than simply link to existing content off-site. I know it is more work, but if you want experts to respond, you have to make it easy, tempting them into doing so.

Besides that concern, I think discussing Call4Help image analysis problems here is great: people will hear about how ImageJ, KNIME and other SciJava tools can be brought to bear on the problem, and the existing community here might also learn more about additional tools effective for solving these sorts of problems.


Sure, we discuss here with the community. Sorry for creating another impression.

You are absolutely right concerning posting without “adapted” content. This is why I apologised in the first message. It is just a start and we had to empty the backlog. Starting from now posts will be quite different and I guess they will appear more gradually. Also, we are still trying to get image data - this would help a lot IMHO since we will have all components necessary for bioimage analyst to jump into work without too much “booting” time:

  • Simplified context of the problem
  • Example dataset
  • Information on desired outputs
  • Contact to a person interested in the outcome (and able to provide more information)

I am looking forward to seeing it working.



For the record:

After the announcement of the call4help project by @sstoma on a (private) Glip forum, some concerns were raised by the community with regards to this discussion happening on the (potentially biased) ImageJ forum.

@Kota created a new public channel on glip to discuss the best way to proceed, so those interested should as well follow the discussion over there. I don’t know how to link to that forum, but we can invite whoever is interested.