Call the imageJ plugin with Matlab

Hi, I have the matlab 2017b and the Fiji, how can I call the Plugins with matlab? I am using the MIJ package, and the examples can work well. I have tried to use the NanoJ_Core plugin to registrate my images using matlab:
img = net.imglib2.img.array.ArrayImgs.unsignedBytes(I(:), size(I));,img2) this type does not work.
Thank you!

Hi Weisong,
if you need to run Fiji commands from matlab you can try that from MIB (; we have connection to Fiji that might help you.

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I have solved this problem myself and share it to everyone!

imp = ij.IJ.openImage("img1.bmp");
imp = ij.IJ.openImage("img2.bmp");"Merge Channels...", "c1=img1.bmp c2=img2.bmp create");"Register Channels - Estimate", "  reference=1 number=2 max=0 blocks=5 min=0.50 gaussian=0 apply");
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